🚧 This is a work in progress 🚧

One of the great perks of working in CG-adjacent worlds (mostly web3 and blockchain, but ZK is on the rise!) is that it’s quite global. In many ways, the best users of this technology do not live in more privileged countries, so on a distribution level it is crucial to spend time in other places and present the technology there.

My travel in the space started after COVID restrictions lifted. Here’s an incomplete list of places I’ve been able to go to:

  • Devconnect Amsterdam
  • 0xPARC Brooklyn Summer Residency
  • Stanford Blockchain Conference
  • Devcon Bogota
  • 0xPARC London AW Residency
  • 0xPARC MIT ZK IAP course
  • PSE/0xPARC Vietnam ZK Residency
  • Zuzalu in Montenegro
  • Funding the Commons Berlin Builder Residency
  • Zuconnect in Istanbul
  • Devconnect Istanbul