As of March 2024. View a curated selection of past technical projects here: Selected past projects

Cursive (February ‘24 to present)

  • Working on making signed data more powerful, focused on data ownership and authenticity
  • Focused on tangibility (NFC cards), beautifully designed apps, and accessibility

Denver ZK Quests and jubsignal (December ‘23 to present)

  • Funded by PSE
  • 2024 activation at ETHDenver using e2e encrypted Baby jubjub signatures
  • Uses NFC cards to share an ECDH public key, custody BBJJ private key on local device, and send P2P encrypted signatures to maintain ownership
  • 12k chipped badges, 50k total taps, 3k total quests completed

Data guilds (July ‘23 to present)

  • Joint work with yush and Lily Jordan
  • Using ZK to take back data ownership & ad revenue in a privacy-preserving and public goods-oriented way
  • Looking for collaborators and aligned funding!