Hi there, I’m Vivek! This personal wiki and occasional blog contains my thoughts on technology and documentation of my projects. I primarily explore cryptography research (CG), but I also write about autoworlds (AW), artificial intelligence (AI), and other technical intrigues! I am hoping that this site becomes a resource for anyone to understand complex technology in a friendly but deeply informative way.

All writing here is a work-in-progress, and very open to feedback! There are many pieces that are incomplete or half-baked — I get distracted easily and hop around many pages when I write. If you want to discuss something further, suggest a correction, or suggest a topic to write about, please email me@vivs.wiki or DM me on Twitter! I also go by vivboop or River Ruby on other parts of the web.

I am on a mission to never lose touch with my inner child. I am a huge nerd and easily excitable. My favorite activity is to listen to other nerds nerd out about random shit they love. Doesn’t have to be anything I know about, I just feed off of genuine passion. If that resonates, reach out! Let’s be nerds together.

Selected blog posts

The entire list can be found here.


Compilations of various projects that have shaped the technologist I currently am. It’s a mix of applied research, e2e products, and academic work.

Project proposals

All of these ideas are works-in-progress; I will properly publish + promote them when they are finished. But if any of them resonate or you know of similar work, please reach out!