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The PSE grant proposal and original specification for this project can be found here: Jubmoji grant proposal. The original technical ideas forming the core of the Jubmoji project can be found here: Project Vinyl.


  • 2023 activation at Zu/Devconnect using NFC cards that produce unique baby jubjub signatures upon tap to privately digitize in-person experiences
  • Signatures were represented as “jubmojis”
    • Jub = Baby jubjub elliptic curve
      • Using this curve in NFCwas the main technical advancement this project made
      • A shoutout to one of its inventors + suggestor , PSE team lead Barry WhiteHat
    • Emoji = succinct representation of card public key, akin to ENS for ethereum address
  • Developed a “quests” feature where users could make proofs about their collection of “jubmojis”
  • Unlocked “powers” upon completing quests
    • Event tickets, access to group chats, in-person prizes if redeemed
  • Version 1 was Sigmoji, used at SBC and the Funding the Commons Berlin residency